Pre-School Swim Program

This program is designed for children aged 2.5-4, and consists of three levels. Each lesson is 30 minutes long with an instructor ratio of 1:2.

The major objective of this program is to encourage kids to enter and exit the water independently and to increase their comfort level in the water.

In this low- ratio class setting, swimmers will learn to get their faces wet, blow bubbles underwater, work on front and back floats, and master a short (3-5m) swim or kick on their front and back upon finish the program.

APEX Learn to Swim (LTS) Program

This program is designed for children aged 4-16. Each lesson is 60 minutes long. Instructor ratios vary based on level: beginner levels (LTS 1-3) are 1:3; intermediate levels (LTS 4-7) are 1:5; and advanced levels (LTS 8-10) are 1:6.

The LTS program is a comprehensive system meant to take children who have no swimming experience and teaching them all four Olympic swim strokes and how to be safe in, on and around the water. Basic water skills, endurance, and proper stroke technique are all covered in the LTS program. Children with previous swimming experience should contact Swim Apex for an assessment to place them in the appropriate level.

Swim Fitness Training

This program is meant for swimmers aged 12 and over. Swimmers must first reach the LTS Program Level 10 standard. Every training session is 60 minutes long and swimmers can choose to train once or twice a week.

Swimmers will swim together in a large group using the competitive training format. Workouts include speed-sprint training and aerobic practices. Swimmers will continue work on stroke correction, and learn to do competitive starts, including push-offs, underwater kick, turns, and dives.

The objective of this program is to encourage swimmers to continue to exercise and improve their overall fitness.

We focus on building a proper foundation since day one

Contact Info (Headquarter)

  • 8241 Woodbine Ave, Unit#10-13, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 2P1
  • 905-305-8108
  • 905-764-8108 (Text only)
  • info@swimapex.com

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