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We believe early exposure to water is good for children. The sensation of being in water lessens apprehension about the new experience. It is always a good idea to play and have fun with your kids in the pool after 6 months of age. However, ensure you are always within arm’s reach of your children.

While every child develops differently, in general we would say that age 3-4 is a good starting age to have formal swimming lessons. At this age they should have foundational language skills and control of body coordination.

At Swim Apex, we offer Preschool programs for 2.5 – 4 years old mainly to increase their comfort level in the water. This includes skills such as getting their faces wet, blowing bubbles underwater, floating on their front and back, and mastering a short (3-5m) swim or kick on their front and back. These are all important fundamental skills that prepare the children for learning full strokes in higher levels.

Our Preschool program begins accepting swimmers at 2.5 years old. Other programs have other age requirements. Please check PROGRAM description for more details.

We will ask about the swimmer’s previous swim experience (level, ability, other classes, etc.) when you register. If you are unsure, an in water assessment may also be arranged.

Swim Apex’s Learn to Swim program contains more technical swim skill components, allowing swimmers greater practice with each stroke and technique. Instructors can focus on individual problems with tailored corrections and drills.

The Red Cross program/Lifesaving swim program combines swimming fitness with water safety and basic lifesaving knowledge. Class focus is divided between stroke technique and learning about safe swimming practices. Instructors incorporate knowledge sessions with in-water stroke development.

Different pools have different temperatures. You can find the information about each of our locations under the LOCATION page.

Note that some pools are set to a lower temperature range as they are mainly used for swim training purposes. Most of Swim Apex’s Learn to Swim lessons are located at our Markham headquarters pool, where the pool temperature is set at 86F-88F and indoor air temperature is set at 82F-84F to provide the most comfortable environment for learning swimmers.

A salt water system pool is much more gentle on eyes and skin. People with sensitive skin or eczema find salt water pool less irritating compared to a chlorine system pool.

Yes. Each class is taught by the same instructor for the whole session. Your child will get the same instructor for every lesson throughout the session unless the instructor is sick. In such cases, another qualified instructor will replace the absent instructor for that lesson.


Registration is just a few simple steps. Give us a call at 905-305-8108 or email us at info@swimapex.com to find out if there is availability for your desired program class and time slot, and we will guide you through the process. Please go to REGISTRATION for all the details.

Our programs run year round. Swim Apex has four sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) to better organize staff and class layouts. There is a registration start date for each session, and you can enroll in a program any time after registration starts as long as there is space available. If you register after the session begins, then you will be charged for the remaining lessons (except for the School Year swim program).

If no available class times are suitable for you, you can choose to put your name on the waiting list for your desired time slot. We cannot guarantee that a spot will open up. Spaces will become available only if a registered swimmer cancels or switches to another class.

Yes.  Swim Apex believes in enhancing and sharing family experiences.  We offer sibling discounts to families who have three or more siblings registered concurrently in our programs. Discounts do not apply to Lifesaving Leadership programs and Swim Team programs.

Please understand our classes are assigned according to staff scheduling and availability. We will try to accommodate your request but we cannot make any guarantees as staff schedules may change every session. All Swim Apex instructors attend staff trainings and therefore share the same core teaching skills and Swim Apex philosophy. If you still have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you need to change to another lesson time permanently for the rest of the session and the requested time change is available (same level with open space), we are happy to make the switch for you. If your request for time change is just due to a special occasion, please follow our make up procedure.

Don’t worry!  We offer one make up class per session.  Just make sure you report the absence at least one hour prior to the start of the lesson.
There is no refund once registered.  We offer credit minus $35 administration fee when cancel at least 10 days before the start of the first lesson.

We rarely need to cancel classes due to inclement weather. However, if there is a need to cancel due to any inclement weather, power failure, or any other unforeseen situation, parents will be notified as soon as the cancellation is known. Arrangements will be made for make up classes. Please also connect to one of our social media accounts for any news updates.


We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before the designated class start time. Please also account for time for swimmers to change, especially during winter months.

Swimmers are required to have a proper bathing suit, a pair of goggles, a towel and a pair of indoor slippers. Swimmers with long hair should be pulled back or tied up. Swim caps are recommended.

It is mandatory for all swimmers age 4 and under to wear an approved swim diaper with good fit around the legs and with an elasticized waist. This policy still applies even if swimmers are already potty-trained.

Please understand that not every facility has family change rooms. Please check LOCATION for the information of your specific pool. Please remember only swimmers under the age of 6 are allowed to enter the opposite gender change room with their parents.

The following facilities have viewing galleries or spectator areas located away from the pool deck and therefore do not allow parents onto the pool deck:

  • Markham headquarters pool
  • Thornlea pool
  • Markham Pam Am pool
  • Toronto Pam Am pool

For other locations, parents are welcome to sit on the pool deck benches but please remember to follow all the pool safety rules. This includes no outdoor shoes on the pool deck area (Please bring an indoor slippers for you and your child when coming to class). Please also remember to not distract swimmers or instructors while classes are running. Please hold your questions until the classes finish.

Absolutely not! No outdoor shoes are permitted in our change room areas and the pool deck area. It is a very important health and safety rule we will strictly implement at all our locations. Please bring indoor slippers for you and your child when coming to class.

Please respect the safety and privacy of all families. No photography or video recording is allowed in the change room or the pool area. Please get approval from Swim Apex staff and wait until we can allow you to take photo or video recording without other swimmers being captured.

This is completely normal, especially for those who experiencing swimming lessons for the first time. Do not be discouraged because your child is crying. For some cases it may take few lessons for first time swimmers to settle down. We will make sure they are comfortable before getting them into the water and moving around.


Your child will be registered in a specific level at the beginning of the session, according to information you provide and/or an in-water assessment before the session. Evaluation days are scheduled for the second-last class of every session. These evaluations will determine whether your child has achieved the skill objectives of their current level and whether they are ready to progress to the next level. Evaluation results will be discussed with parents during the last class of the session.

We will do the evaluation during the last class of the session. If you are unable attend the last 2 classes, we will try to arrange another day, but we cannot guarantee it can be arranged before the end of the session.

We have three scheduled parent consultation days: the first day of class, one in midsession and a final meeting on the last day of class. If you wish to speak to instructor outside of the scheduled meeting days, feel free to approach the instructor before or after class. Please be mindful that instructors may have parents from a previous class to speak to first, and may also have classes scheduled immediately after. You can also call the office at 905-305-8108 and leave your concerns with our administration and we will get back to you.

Contact Info (Headquarter)

  • 8241 Woodbine Ave, Unit#10-13, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 2P1
  • 905-305-8108
  • 905-764-8108 (Text only)
  • info@swimapex.com

2024 Summer Registration Date

Current Swimmers (currently enroll in Spring 2024)
Wednesday June 5

Returning Swimmers (was our students in any previous sessions)
Thursday June 6

New Swimmers (first time joining our swim school)
Friday June 7

Before submitting your registration request(s) through our new registration platform: Swim Apex Aquatic Club,
please review the Registration Procedures to ensure a successful registration process.


1. Create an account or log in to your Family Account on our registration platform.2. Select the child you wish to register.

3. Click on “See Classes” to view available options.

4. Add your preferred class times and prioritizing them to your shopping cart. Classes listed as “Waitlist” are still accepting requests. Parents can still include the “Waitlist” class at the checkout.

5. For siblings wishing to enroll together in the same time frame or form their own 1:2 semi-private setting, add all participants to one shopping cart.

6. For new swimmers, provide details about their previous learning experience in the comment session. Include the name of previous learning swim school and completed level or indicate “unsure” if unsure or “beginner” if they have no prior formal swim lessons.

7. Once you have added all of your preferred times, click “Complete Transaction” to submit your registration request.

8. Upon successful enrollment, parents will receive an email confirmation detailing your child’s class schedule.

How to Set Up Your Family Account & Student Account

1. Visit the new registration platform: Swim Apex Aquatic Club

2. Select our Woodbine location and click “Click to begin”.

3. Click on “Create Account” to initiate the set up process. This will begin by creating a Family Account under the parent or guardian’s name.

4. Once the Family Account is created, proceed to set up a Student Account. Each student enrolled will require a separate account.