Become a Lifeguard


Prerequisite: Minimum age of 12 and completed LTS Level 10

Class Duration: 60mins

This course is an introduction to lifesaving leadership and first aid skills. Candidates will develop problem solving, decision-making skills individually and in partners. Candidates will learn CPR and basic first aid treatment.


Prerequisite: Completed Bronze Star or 13 years old

Class Duration: 60-90mins

Candidates will earn 2 awards at the same time. This course builds on skills learned in Bronze Star and adds additional content. Candidates will learn and practically understand the 4 lifesaving components of water rescue. First aid skills will be enhanced with treatments for new injuries. Candidates will also develop stroke efficiency through a timed 500m endurance swim. Candidates are evaluated throughout the course and with final written and practical exams.


Prerequisite: Completed Medallion and Emergency First Aid

Class Duration: 90-120mins

This course also offers 2 awards at the same time. It is designed for candidates who have successfully completed the Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid course and want to continue learning more advanced lifesaving training. This program also introduces safe supervision in aquatic facilities and is the prerequisite for all advanced lifesaving and aquatics training programs: National Lifeguard and Instructor certification. A practical and written final exam is applied.


Prerequisite: Completed Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid, and 16 years old

Class Duration: 90-180mins

The National Lifeguard is Canada’s professional lifeguard standard. Candidates will learn the skills necessary to become a lifeguard. In this program, candidates will develop an understanding of lifeguarding principles, independent judgment, and a responsible attitude toward the role of the lifeguard. Practical lifeguarding skills are taught and enhanced. A final written and practical exam is applied.

Become an Instructor


Prerequisite:Completed Bronze Cross and 14 years old

Class Duration: 60-90mins

In this program, candidates are introduced to key principles of learning and teaching, safe and effective class formations and class management. Also, candidates are expected to assist qualified instructors with swimming and lifesaving classes.


Prerequisite: Current Bronze Cross award and 16 years old

Class Duration: 60-120mins

In this program, candidates will have classroom learning and in-water practice. Participants will learn to teach basic swimming strokes, a variety of skill drills, effective correction techniques, learning strategies and activities, and evaluation criteria.

Our program will help prepare you to be a great lifeguard or swimming instructor!

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