The main purpose of this program is to help swimmers to become competitive and increase their interest in swimming.

At this level, swimmers are not required to participate in any swim meets.

This program is a year-round pre-competitive introduction program. This stream introduces swimmers to competitive swimming. Swimmers train in an environment that emphasizes fun over competition. Pressure and stress are kept to a minimum with a relaxed training schedule (2-3 times weekly), participation in non-qualifying swim meets and regional competitions, and team-building through friendship and group work.

Depending on personal goals, performance, and level of commitment, swimmers can choose to remain in this stream and continue to compete recreationally regardless of age. Alternatively, Pre-Competitive members can take advantage of the developmental progressions to master their stroke proficiency and apply to be selected for the APEX Swim Team.

Contact Info (Headquarter)

  • 8241 Woodbine Ave, Unit#10-13, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 2P1
  • 905-305-8108
  • 905-764-8108 (Text only)